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Posted 03/23/11 - 1:00 PM:
Subject: CyberActivism
What do yall think of the 'Anonymous 99' hacker legion?

A99 Operation Empire State Rebellion - Communication #1

What happens when you piss off Anonymous:

They were apparently involved in hacking the Westboro charlatans Baptist Church a while back, as well as the credit card companies when the wikileaks thing was all over the news.

Can cyber-activism work?

If such a group 'took down the Fed' would people wake up?


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Posted 03/23/11 - 5:35 PM:

Monk wrote:
What do yall think of the 'Anonymous 99' hacker legion?

are they the same as 4chan?

i think we could look at the trajectory of wikileaks to see how an attempt to "take down the fed" would probably play out. it might create an inconvenience for some, garner cheers from some, enrage still others, but ultimately fail to accomplish much other than satisfy some personal sense of vengence. vigilantism is, as you said, something we can easily sympathize with but not easily condone.

what are your thoughts?
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Posted 03/23/11 - 6:57 PM:

I wouldn't class this type of action 'vigilantism'. It's more revolutionary. Social deconstructivism, tearing down systems that have been put in place by the powerful few to control and subjugate the masses. In effect, its countering power with power, by destroying information or access to information that modern systems rely upon.

But the efficacy is what I wonder about.

Rats can get in the warehouse and eat up all the grain, but then the farmer can put out poison and fill it up with more grain from somewhere else. It would be incredible if a system like the Federal Reserve, corrupt, evil, and contrary to the American ideal as it is, could be inconvenienced, disrupted, or stopped by computer hackers.

If so, it would serve them right.

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Posted 03/24/11 - 3:16 AM:

I don't think there has been a social benefit of these groups yet, but I think it might not be a bad thing that such skill and possibilities exist outside of government or corporate control. You never know when they might be needed to jolt a bit more of democracy into cyberspace.
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