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Posted 06/22/10 - 1:12 PM:
Subject: A Letter to A Friend.
Good evening,

May be I have already talked about this. I have so many sheer imagery sequences, without any sounds, whenever I am reading or writing. I am not sure that these do not occur when I do other things, but in a way, I am more aware of these images when reading or writing. To take an instance, when I am reading about Goethe, I have images of a tree located in my vicinity, or images of a guinea-pig seen today in morning. If I try to form associations between the imagery and the chain of thoughts I am engrossed into, I can do it easily, by the power of inventiveness, still, it does not suit to the reason as such. I cannot tell why I get the images of that tree when reading about Goethe. I cannot tell why I do not get any other images, neither I can tell why I do not get these images when reading about some other things. It has always been an amusing equation for me. Even to say that your mind is assimilating the new information using some visual images of recent past is not a convincing one because images are not necessarily from recent past always. Secondly there seems to be no specific reason for selecting some specific images for assimilating some specific content.

I do not know whether it has any -thing to do with association or not. They suggest that you do learning as associative imagery sometimes, i.e. you tend to form associations of learned contents. Even if it is so, in my case, it is beyond my understanding, because, there seems to be no particular relationship between the images and the content I am reading/writing.

This has been a classical problem(you may call it a situation if you would) with me. May-haps it is because of the awareness of two unrelated processes, i.e. being aware of the image sequences while you are reading/writing. May-be imagery is always present and I just become aware of them when I read and write. This seems to be an explanation of the phenomenon, though, not a very convincing one. Moreover, if you call it an explanation, you are not able to tell why some images persist for too long with some specific contents without any observable relation between them whatsoever. I have tried to present it before some experts but they have been mute regarding it.

In any case, I am always puzzled regarding this conditioning; images, seemingly unrelated to the matter at hand, occurring again and again, pipelined with the act of reading/writing. It is not the day-dreaming as you know it conventionally. In case of day dreaming, you find yourself lost in some thoughts which are unrelated to the content you are working on/witnessing. In case of this associative conditioning imagery, I am able to attend simultaneously to the reading/writing and the images of a place, either from very recent past or from remote past, but I am unable to find any conspicuous relation between the images and the chain of thoughts(pertaining to the reading/writing).

This has been the case with my mind, for too long now. I do not know how well I have explicated it. Any queries, if you are interested in the phenomenon, are most welcome. If you have had similar experiences or are aware of the situation, do let me know. If you have any solutions(though it is not a problem, still, am curious to know what you say about it), do let me know.

If you have never witnessed any- thing like this, do not mind it. I just wanted to let you know about this perception so highly reinforced in me, after so many years of repetition.


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