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Posted 06/04/10 - 11:50 AM:

a quote from an interesting article about establishing rural healthcare:

"Since the 1980s, rural Iranians have been able to seek treatment at health houses, informal sites set up in small communities as the first stop for medical care, rather than an emergency room. They're staffed by citizens, not doctors, and the focus is on preventive care."

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Posted 06/28/10 - 2:06 AM:

Well, with regards towards government run healthcare, History would show the having an already failed government control of anything is a disaster. Look at Medicare and S.S for key examples of that. I think more importantly this idea of insurance goes back to the fear based ideology of the culture we live in. I need to be insured because of something that might happen. Honestly, insurance of any kind is a cautionary pre-text done for those who feel the need for stability.

The real question though should be why healthcare at all?

This is again, another tactic of dodging the problem as a whole and human cognition trying to settle for the easy solution while maintaining a need for a service for profitable means. The real question should be, why do we have poison in our foods? Why is fluoride in our water supply? Why do we consume so much sugar and corn syrup? Why do we have more diseases now than we did fifty years ago when we have supposedly became more advanced medically? Simple, profit is your answer. You eliminate the greed, you rid the need of any insurance, but that would be bad for the economy wink

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