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Posted 12/18/09 - 3:19 PM:
Subject: Ramblings of a Madman
Good day,

Just thought I’d give a short introduction before posting my random ramblings on this website. I am ‘Face of Stone’ formally of the Mad Philosophers website. If you lack vision or want to lead a normal life…. do not read beyond this point.

- Face of Stone

Ever watching eyes –

The sensation of rage rushes through me as I struggle to catch my breath – why am I like this, what have I become.

Glaring eyes gaze from the dark abyss, an ominous oblivion; the space which once held my heart. It wasn’t always like this. There was a time when I believed in love; romantic visions and captivating dreams of the perfect soul mate. That was before my eyes were opened, to see clearly what lies within the hearts of ‘man’. Now my soul stirs with malice and discontent, like a tortured spirit destine to wander the earth for eternity. The truth of love has died with the ages, now only vanity and self-worship exists.
The men of this era seek out women, like wolves stalking prey, to consume what is desired and abandon the shattered remains. Knowledge of such purposeful treachery evokes the greatest evils within me.
The ‘millennium woman’, worshiped as an independent creature - the ultimate combination of beauty and vigor. I gaze deeper into the superficial pool and behold, a spiteful being consumed with vanity and deceit. This godless homunculus, has branded her own flesh – ‘sold to the highest bidder’.
Why do I feel the lesser. The sight of such things, would cause a holy man… to withdraw into the darkness. They dare not come here; they fear the pitch of the unknown. Here lies my refuge.
The effect is uncanny as I witness what the world has become. I unknowingly drift further into the shadows, desperate for sanctuary and freedom from torment.

The outcome –

- I smothered my soul to hide the light
- I burned my eyes out to see no evil
- I severed my ears to hear no lies
- I removed my tongue to taste no poisons

Has my search for purity led me to destruction? If there is good in this world, show me of it…

“The spiritual eyesight improves as the physical eyesight declines” - Plato

- Face of Stone

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Posted 12/19/09 - 10:18 PM:

hi face of stone, welcome to the couch smiling face

may you hold fast to your dreams as well hug
Posted 12/20/09 - 2:28 AM:

Thank you for your kindness. I haven’t written anything in a while… for lack of a place to post it.
The Republic of Exotica

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Posted 12/20/09 - 2:41 AM:

The sky was filled with ants and beneath the mound a silhouetted man is at a window, pulling on paisley curtains; he looks upon the screaming of sleeping children in the park below--they scratch their bites while dreaming of bites--, and then turns around to a mirror that reflects a ghost-white dog, which wags its tail while staring right back at him. Outside, buildings fall, and a gunslinger with a missing finger draws his weapon with a fluid precision, but can't pull the trigger. Clowns are holding babies who laugh with glee in their striped suspenders and another baby takes her first bath, enjoying the soothing sensation of water. There's a suspension of life for the drowning ants, a suspension of time, a stopped plug full of bacteria, watery ant corpses, and a woman far away from it all who can't wait to close her eyes, but only after putting on her lipstick for a giggle. But you: put on your hat and frown the triangular frown of a rusting swing set in a city park, look at the ant-ridden sky, acknowledge the many busy, frenetic things, and then think of nothing.
Posted 12/20/09 - 2:59 AM:

Could it be that there is someone more disturbed than I…?
child of the stars

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Posted 12/20/09 - 10:09 AM:

Face_of_Stone wrote:
Could it be that there is someone more disturbed than I…?

Disturbed is a strong word, but if you're talking about art, it certainly was applicable to Yahweh's (only one of several names he had here). It was rather impressive, but I doubt anything remains.

Welcome to you both, though. smiling face

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Posted 12/20/09 - 10:52 AM:

yes, another welcome to you, republic of exotica smiling face
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