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Posted 12/15/09 - 4:45 PM:
Subject: Bare it for the Boys
Another instance of 'calendar girls':

A group of women - including an Army widow - have stripped off to raise money for the Help For Heroes charity.

The Calendar Girls'-style publication is the brainchild of best friends, Bethany Shaw and Amy Read.

They took just four weeks to persuade 12 women to strip, find a suitable photographer, set up locations and sort out printing, production and promotion.

Bethany, from Lydney, in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, said: 'We have had so much fun putting the calendar together and it's for such a great cause.

Have a read through some of the reader comments posted below the article.


There is a great deal wrong with this.

1) The idea that women need to take their clothes off to make money. 'Good cause' or not, this really does nothing but promote the idea of women as sex objects, whether or not it is women who conceived and created this product. They are banking on people buying the calendar because it is a tease--seeing neighbourly women just-about-nude. They are selling their sexuality plain and simple.
2) Supporting an army engaged in an illegal and unjust war that was precipitated on false pretenses. Its worse that they are using sex to aid soldiers. 'Strip for war' is what they assert. People who get all patriotic and say 'good on 'em' are either blind or ignorant or both for neglecting the reality of British-American troops in the middle-east. One poster comments on this 'awful war', but seems to forget who initiated and continues to perpetrate it. There is no 'enemy' out there. There is only the greed of imperialists driving the destruction and subjugation of foreign cultures. Those troops are not heroes. They are killers.
3) You sure as hell wouldn't see Afgani women doing anything remotely like this. It is, really, disgraceful. The idea that the best way women can help injured soldiers is by kicking off their kit.

Here's a great idea. Shag for Heroes.

If they really want to do something for the boys, then how about the gift that keeps on giving?

"100% of every shag fee ($100 a head) goes to our boys overseas! I promise to spread my legs for liberty!!"

Seriously, this would generate a lot more money--and last longer than a mere calendar (whose shelf life is extremely limited). I can see it now--scores of blokes lining up round the corners to get a poke. "I'm not really fond of sex," says Smith, "but I'll do whatever it takes to support our troops in Afganistan and Iraq!"

Most people would, undoubtedly, object to such an idea. But they seem to think it's ok for semi-nude posters to be created for the same purpose? The way I see it, it's a small distinction, because it all feeds into the hypersexualized culture that we simultaneously oppress and celebrate.

Taking a nude photo may be liberating for an individual woman, no doubt. But we can't remove this act, it's meanings and consequences, from the larger social context that gives it its (potential monetary) value.

The larger question is whether this is really just a bit of harmless fluff, or whether we should, as a society, put our foot down and say enough is enough--let's stop selling our bodies and start cultivating our spirits!

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Posted 04/18/10 - 3:37 AM:


''Here's a great idea. Shag for Heroes.''

Thinking outside the box here Monk. I like it! laughing
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Posted 04/19/10 - 7:07 PM:

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