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Posted 11/16/09 - 9:56 AM:
Subject: Odyssey
Stepping out, breathed the cold spring air,
A few steps forward and a few steps back,
Now fades the glimmering landscape,
And in the familiar atmosphere, a solemn stillness holds.

I saw desire the other night,
It enveloped me, drowned me,
Like a lover, warm, pure and endless.
Voraciously, I consumed it.

To far wondrous lands, my voyage took me.
Attempted to climb enthralling peaks that kissed the sky,
Trudged perilous paths like a vagrant,
Only to stumble upon a bifurcating path.

"O!Familiar road, I love you,
Yet I am not afraid to leave you."
Capitulate to the call of adventure, I did,
And moved towards a distant blazing star.

Gazed upon tragedies and calumny,
Encountered wrinkled faces with persistent smiles,
Gave me hope,
Extinguished the burning inferno of my dissatisfied greed.

Easy yet difficult, it was,
Amalgamated from places to myself.
Eternally wandering, the destination ever present,
Left a trace as I left the now familiar lands.

No longer a tornado wrecking homes,
But a warm gentle breeze.
Left long wispy trails of myself,
As I journeyed to my heart's content.

Staggered into the wide and endless ocean,
Waded through it's turbulent waters.
Let the tides guide me to unfamiliarity and unknown lands,
Whilst I spread my roots and sought home.

Soon I found myself retracing my steps,
Dredging up lingering memories, as I venture back.
Flowers and fragrances of a lost land,
Mixing desire and reminiscences,
Stirring old roots of ambition with a stinging shower.

Inebriated with troubles and sorrows, time bid me goodbye.
But tonight, joy is waiting.
At my front door, with a pitcher.
And I will savor nothing else for now.


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Posted 11/18/09 - 8:52 PM:

awesomeness smiling face sounds like the best kind of journey
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