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Posted 10/30/09 - 6:04 AM:
Subject: The Gods Hate Kansas
Keel over and the tri-stared kid comes in to assume his position and knock down the few who deserve to be there.
Ranting little fucks of the lost white and muddied rose, who only live to to fulfill the ground and the six foot deep whole that is the soul and forge in the latter the down sized court and no contested law.
When orange traffic cones and their islands of freedom yeilding, one safe seeming like the bobbing orange cap of the huntsmen before the deer goes into a sudden jolt of communist clouds and the neuterality of it is one sided and the fog blast in the lighthouse has broken and will never be repaired.
And your sea and sinking shit no-longer get to me, and the lifetime you spend to string me along has severed itself,
when the long lasting flouressent light bulbs put out too much,
When the sock no-longer fits,
the snake has not triumphed,
the pilot has fixed his plane,
the bloches die and his physical failure herald his new revolt,
when, the titans die once and for all,
and if, and only if, the stain stil bleeds,
I, the self destruct button, prepair a new beginin' and the laptop tan fades away,
then peace.
Untill then: the Gods Hate Kansas

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Posted 10/30/09 - 11:34 AM:

awesome mario. it's very passionate, i can imagine you speaking these words live.
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