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Nihil Loc
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Posted 10/17/09 - 2:25 PM:
Subject: Halloween Anyone?
So, whose dressing up this year and what are you going to be?

I bought a massive trench coat at a garage sale but it looks more like a monks robe when I put it on. I'll paint my face red with some seed dye and dawn my coat, maybe find a staff-like stick.

I'll be the Red Faced Wizard. Hahahahahahahahaha!


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Posted 10/18/09 - 8:48 AM:

i was thinking of being a raver this year. used to be one so it's not much of a stretch, but i still need to acquire the candy attire
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Posted 10/18/09 - 4:50 PM:

Hunter S. Thompson.

I've got the acid already. I just need to find a nice cigarette holder and sunhat.

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Posted 10/19/09 - 10:29 AM:

I'm thinking G.I. Jihad, a real anti-american hero, G.I. Jihad is there!

I've got the beard down. Basicaly, all my costumes are built around facial hair. I could go as Wolverine again...but it gets tiring beating back the all the ravenous women grin

But I like a costume where I can blow stuff up. Last year, as Cobra Commander, I was busy lighting fireworks every 5 seconds. whee
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