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Posted 09/12/09 - 11:44 AM:
Subject: Love Poem
would willingly give you

my red scarves

and you can have my superpowers

the eavesdropping one is best

I can audit conversations

words of passion in thirty languages

(duly translated)

recipes including chocolate

the babbling that produces incipient inventions

and you can have my panther and iguana

a world of leaves, my inner eye

makes out your face

and I will tell you everything I know

on your street my memories

begin to clown and dance

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Posted 09/12/09 - 11:49 AM:

aw smiling face lovely

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Avatar Morgena
Posted 09/13/09 - 7:48 AM:

Yes I know, love can be a driving motor to write wonderful poems ;-)

Well done nod

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Posted 09/13/09 - 10:21 AM:

child of the stars

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Posted 09/13/09 - 10:43 AM:

compliments where they're due: this is beautiful
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Posted 09/14/09 - 12:41 PM:

You have a curious style, and I enjoyed this very much so. Do us all a favor and post more.
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Posted 09/15/09 - 11:38 PM:

Thank you so much!!!
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