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Posted 06/16/09 - 5:00 PM:
Subject: The Anatomy of a Lie
Around sixty years ago, there was a lie; thirty years after that, it fell under a particular scrutiny--one that burned, too. But this is now, amid the efflorescence of youth, oak, roses, and pears, and yet the lie's lurid countenance is smoking into ash, forming dark clouds on a sunny afternoon, looming in flowery dryness.

The worst part about the lie was that it stole lives.

Its anatomy was simple:

A rosewood chest with what once was a brilliant, golden latch, now decrepit from time and the infirmities of earth and water, but not wind, until thirty years ago, and not fire, until now, when wind would give flight to its ash of memory and when flame would lick it into neglect. Inside, a humble concertina--the relic of a romance that spanned half of the lie's century--; scores of music, foxed by the life of the lie and the humidity of its breath; a photo of my father alongside a familiar man; and the anatomy of a lie, whose form is in all of us.

The lie stole my life, and a bit of each innumerable life that was or is ever to follow mine consequently.

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Posted 06/16/09 - 5:38 PM:

hi querkraft, welcome to the couch smiling face

poetic and poignant piece, beautiful flow
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Posted 06/17/09 - 1:32 AM:

Welcome on-board Querkraftthumb up

your 'lie' is 'true' and beautiful,such lies save our life.

Thank You

child of the stars

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Posted 06/17/09 - 7:23 AM:

Welcome wink
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