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Need help from women for my dissertation...

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Posted 06/10/09 - 5:58 AM:
Subject: Need help from women for my dissertation...

My name's Lisa and I'm a student at Bristol uni and I'm doing my dissertation on women's experiences and opinions on sex and also the differences between older and younger women's experiences.

If anyone is interested below are some scenarios taken from problem pages. I'm interested in what other women think these women should do, why they think they're feeling worried about the problem, and if you've ever had that problem yourself and how you dealt with it.

I'd be really grateful for any help with this and I'm really interested in your opinions so if you want to join in the research just post a response or message me (if you could add your age that would help too) : )

Problem page scenarios ...

Dear Karen,

My new boyfriend wants me to dish the dirt on my past sex life. I don’t believe in keeping secrets, but I’ve slept with more people than him so I’m worried what he’ll think. Should I tell him?

Dear Karen,

I’ve been with my boyfriend for many years and we are devoted to one another, The problem I have is that even though I have a high sex drive, I find it really difficult to climax and have regularly faked it in the past. Should I tell him?

Dear Jenny,

When he touches me during foreplay he does this thing with his thumb that I really don’t like. I pretended to like it at first, so now he’s doing it even more. What should I do?

Dear Karen,

My boyfriend hates the feel of condoms and wants me to go on the pill. I’ve been on the pill before; the only problem is that he has had lots of other girlfriends before me. Can I ask him to get tested for STDs without offending him?

Dear Anna,

I want to have sex with my boyfriend but I’m scared that he’ll think I look horrible naked because I’m a size 6 and I have really small boobs. What should I do?

Dear Anna,

I haven’t had a partner for a long time but have recently been dating a new man. We have a good time and I really like him but I’m worried that when it comes to sex he’ll think I’m boring. When I talk to my girlfriends it sounds like they’re all more adventurous than me. What should I do?

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Posted 06/10/09 - 2:07 PM:

Hi. Okay, here's my input, such as it is. It seems that a theme common to the queries is the conflict that arises in a relationship between maintaining personal integrity and keeping the other person around. I think that compromising one's integrity, even slightly, really costs. The person who sacrifices truth or self respect in order to keep the relationship afloat knows very well, retrospectively, that he or she has done so. I also think that the other person--at least in some sense--knows it, too, feeling, simultaneously, disappointment and a bitter surge of power.

All bad news.
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