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Posted 05/11/09 - 10:22 PM:
Subject: Greatest Inventions
Comparing inventions is like comparing thinkers.Each one of them has its unique importance.All of the inventions have contributed in their own way to humanity.Which are the greatest inventions in the history of mankind according to you?

zenThe wheel?

zenThe world wide web?

zen A.C. and D.C.?

zenThe Printing Press?


It is a subjective affair,so feel free to explore and come up with your opinions.smiling face

It could also be discussed domain-wise.Defense seems to have taken most of the human energy to invent.Some of the inventions like world wide web have come out only from strategic exploration.So in any of your opinions communication may be a good domain,then,health,education etc are also vital factors affecting your choices,methinks.

zen Thank You zen
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Posted 05/12/09 - 1:04 AM:

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Posted 05/12/09 - 4:17 AM:

Monk2400 wrote:

Which of the following theories appeals most to you?

The Oasis Theory was proposed by Raphael Pumpelly in 1908, and popularized by Vere Gordon Childe who summarized the theory in his book Man Makes Himself. This theory maintains that as the climate got drier, communities contracted to oases where they were forced into close association with animals which were then domesticated together with planting of seeds. The theory has little support from contemporary scholars, as the climate data for the time does not support the theory.

The Hilly Flanks hypothesis, proposed by Robert Braidwood in 1948, suggests that agriculture began in the hilly flanks of the Taurus and Zagros mountains, and that it developed from intensive focused grain gathering in the region.[citation needed]

The Feasting model by Bryan Hayden suggests that agriculture was driven by ostentatious displays of power, such as throwing feasts to exert dominance. This required assembling large quantities of food which drove agricultural technology.

The Demographic theories were proposed by Carl Sauer and adapted by Lewis Binford and Kent Flannery. They describe an increasingly sedentary population, expanding up to the carrying capacity of the local environment, and requiring more food than can be gathered. Various social and economic factors help drive the need for food.

The evolutionary/intentionality theory, advanced by scholars including David Rindos, is the idea that agriculture is an co-evolutionary adaptation of plants and humans. Starting with domestication by protection of wild plants, followed specialization of location and then domestication.


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Posted 02/19/15 - 11:48 PM:

no clue if people will flock back this but thinker my answer is The evolutionary/internationalist theory
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