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Posted 02/13/09 - 11:34 AM:
Subject: A Poem
This is my first stab at it in a long time.
Hope you like.

I’m from a door with broken hinges.
A door that’s been pushed against from both sides at the same time, not only to see who was the strongest brother, but also from being slammed on each other. On parents. On growing up.
A new metal door in a house of wooden doors.

I’m from a floor of plastic, with little plastic or green chips and pieces of who knows, melted into the kitchen scuffed covered floor.
Wooden apples and pears with a split in the third step, but the mouse’s squeaks are always slooshyed louder on the others.
A nail head jutting out of the slim-as-an-arrow hallway, protruding enough to catch a sock, but down enough to pass by unnoticed. It’s there, but no one can find it.

I’m from a room.
A room used as a mothers back-up storage space.
A sliding door that gives Barney Rubble to get it shut.
A room where a kid learned to solvo new scat. From books and flicker shows.
Where puppies and gloves came to bloom and wither.
A room were nothing could be hidden. Everything was put to show and tell and regret.


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Posted 02/13/09 - 12:04 PM:

i especially love the part about the nail catching the sock, a great metaphor for the way things often go in life. i like how it starts off, too - overall i dig the "i'm from..." aspect, gives it a lot of room for symbolic interpretation, like a dream. awesome.

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Posted 02/13/09 - 7:40 PM:


Here too... Sense it to be a biographical bricolage ...

Memories of yesteryear...
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