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Posted 01/23/09 - 7:29 PM:
Subject: Disco Discordance
Here's a strange little piece of bizarro flash fiction for you laughing

Disco Discordance

Sometimes I start sentences and finish them the bicycle was active--"Oh, I'm so sorry," you see: I've got a sort of inherent psychological discordance like the Picasso'd sounds of Gyorgy Ligeti and the surreality of it being framed and supported by a mound of Crayons in the Serengeti, in accordance with what the white coated Klingons purported. "Say what," she mumbled in an awkward contortion of tongue and tooth, as if to have rusty, squeaky hinges, but really, actually, having shiny, oily transdermal implants protruding and construing the shadowy brooding on her face while underneath a disco ball of magnesium flakes. While doing the occasional three-sixty, I said, "With those," gesturing in [t]he[i]r direction with the hand that wasn't disco pointing, "you look like a triceratops; you know, their frills?" and she slapped me in the face, as if I wasn't already embarrassed enough of being in that horrid place! Let's look: we've got disco degenerates drinking the dance, alcoholics dancing the drunken prance, and these sad, fucked up kids just looking for the chance; well it ain't me, you little butterflies, so flutter off and go into reverse cocooning, loonies. Like an owl in a tree above the bickering, simmering scorpions, I was minding my own business, but here comes this bulky guy in a tacky black T-shirt in the "Guinness" font, but instead spelling "Genniuss." I must confess that I confessed to him, "That shirt is fucking stupid," and when a snarl drew across his face, I realized I probably just induced a quarrel that might get me tossed, and wished I'd had some mace. Then he started, "Ok, Cupid, did you tell this lady here--," when she abruptly interrupted, "He said, 'With those' -- pointing to my tits! -- 'you should take off your top, you know the drill'," that was when, frantically, I realized the misunderstanding and cordially erased my existence with every ounce of mental persistence. I can't even imagine what she'd have misheard--WOOF, WOOF--if I went so far as to mention the triceratop's epoccipitals in our conversation. Disco clubs are so four decades ago, but it seems triceratops are even more out of style.

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Posted 01/23/09 - 7:57 PM:

i'm stumbled by its awesome
Posted 01/23/09 - 8:57 PM:

Sweet! Thanks.
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Avatar MrMario
Posted 03/16/09 - 2:28 PM:

Oh shit!
This is so awsome.
You wrote this?clap

-Mr. Mario
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Posted 03/17/09 - 3:14 AM:

wicked. smiling face
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