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Posted 01/05/09 - 4:00 AM:
Subject: Labels
I experience epiphanies and one of those that fell from the sky is this thought:If one were to hire the greatest most talented artist of this or of any time and you asked for a painting of a Democrat or a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim a well you see this lists direction.All I could see being put down on canvas is a painting of a person wearing a business suit or a person wearing a black robe with a white collar or a person wearing a black hat with curly strands of hair framing someones face you see this line of thought.It seems to me any artist would find that he didnt earn his commision because each picture showed people dressed differently.Democrates do not exsist,Christians do not exsist,Jews,Muslims,Catholics,Republicans,there are no such creatures.Ask that same artist to paint a portait of God.What do you think he would paint.It would be hard to say but I bet you the artist would be smiling the whole time
Posted 01/05/09 - 7:03 AM:

I'm new to this forum as well, but, from one noob to another, welcome!

I'd sooner ask a man to paint the devil inside him, to show his flames, his ugliness. I'll bet you see a mortified countenance puppeteer all those gentle facial muscles and melt his face into the bubbly guttering of a funeral candle; a dark gaze will eclipse his eyes akin to a slaughterhouse cow, transfixed on the murderous glean of blood-stained steel. What he inevitably paints is arbitrary, but the survival in face of the finished canvas is everything. Only after he survives the wound and lives disfigured, will the newborn excellence of spirit remedy the pain, close the wounds, and sculpt a face, liberated and distinguished among countless others.
Nihil Loc
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Posted 01/05/09 - 2:02 PM:

Welcome to the Couch, 4everfaded peace

Does this compare with the expression 'never judge a book by its cover?'

Humans live in their heads apparently and they comport themselves with the world as it appears to their very local sensibility. I believe we should tread carefully when we make our evaluations (labels) public but also recognize that they are not very important in the scheme of things; we should not get worked up about what people say especially if its aim is to provoke shame, anger, guilt and general negativity.

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Posted 01/05/09 - 3:34 PM:

hi faded, another welcome to you smiling face

labels are of course useful to a certain extent; communication relies on the labeling of everything. if a bottle is labeled drano then we know in most cases not to drink it. but labeling people is a far more treacherous habit. in some cases, labels are useful as a starting off point to get to know someone. they can be helpful for establishing some common ground. but if it ends there, then how much about the person do we really know?

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Posted 01/07/09 - 1:08 PM:

To liberty girl;you are right in your anology.I could paint a container of drano.Or better yet a skull and crossbones should cover contents.When I picture the word label in my head I see my name at the top of a file.Is that the best way to get to know someone,by being told who he is.Neighbor,Coworker,Stranger even would be better to me.Nihil Loc the only time a persons comment could be taken to heart is from a stranger who pays a complment.Spindlework,wow,is that your mind at work.Graphicaly beautiful.To put it more simply;A artist must suffer for thier art.Been there, do that. This is meant to reflect Nihil Locs end quote;It is better to let people think you a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt:Not a comment directed just stated.:
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