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Torg White Bear

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Posted 12/27/08 - 10:23 AM:
Subject: Theoretical Physics
The Bleeping Cosmic Sandwich – A Sonnet


The Physicists insist we are sandwiched

Amidst complex, mixed probabilities.

To observe's to fix a frequency; once, which

So done, becomes discrete Reality.

One perceives as one has predilection;

To disregard, or fully recognize,

A Concept valid, or misdirection:

To preconceive is not to realize.

Abandon all that's Known, just heave the mess!

The Mystery will lead us thread by thread

Becoming, then, a skein of Consciousness,

A Living Fabric, not graven stone-dead.

The Divine is found to be Manifest

When we seek to Learn, Hubris to detest.
(C)T.G. Hadley, M.S. Ed. 2008

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Posted 01/04/09 - 10:52 PM:

hi torg, welcome smiling face
child of the stars

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Posted 01/05/09 - 4:24 AM:

excellent !

welcome smiling face
Torg White Bear

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Posted 01/05/09 - 12:18 PM:

Thanks, both, very much, indeed! Here's another blip for you.


From one Metaphysician's viewpoint, (if needs perforce be for a label/nexus), Consciousness simply Is.
It conceives of that which is not Consciousness, consciously and subconsciously, (not to forget unconsciously), simply because it is bored, and it's attention wanders at times; sometimes, it is focused as intensely as a laser point on a diamond, (and therewith projects a hologram of the Perceptible Universe). Other times, it just wants pizza and beer; maybe, to get lucky. Or, famous. Or, well, the rest all follows in a Material World, or so the "Madonna" has spoken so. This usually involves the consciousness of litigation.
Is not Consciousness just a looping series of episodes from your personal History Channel/Discovery Channel/Learning Channel/PBS of your conglomerated Mind being carried around in a treacherous Meat Puppet jerked around by Fate, Time, and other Olympian Zeus figures like Jim Henson?
Consciousness is unfettered by the paradigm of the Flesh. There is some debate as to whether it even conforms to the Economy of Energy, in that the coherence you measure it at present in your familiar dimensions does not include all dimensions of Energy Potentiality.
Suffice it to say that "You" are Eternal. (That was a period, punctuation-wise, signifying the end of a declarative statement, brooking no exception in it's paradigm).
You are more than the sum of yer parts, matey. As you Unconsciously/Subconsciously already know, but I have to put it into Present Consciousness, now, really. Your Energy can only be transubstantiated, incarnated, sublimated, or completely convulse into another Dimensionality/Potentiality. It is certainly not Impossible, because, (well), nothing really IS impossible; just shades of probability based upon available data and reproducibility of result, ja?

Meanwhile, back in History: (it could be yours! go ahead, and look! We are on the Baggage Carousel of Consciousness, after all!)
Consciousness could not see the ships of the Conquistadores at anchor in their pristine harbour: No!
The Priests of the Sun could see them though, and warned the people that the Prophecy had been fulfilled! Run! Well, calvary and firearms, (not to mention various virii), sort of debunked the Pre-Columbian world view, much to the Europeans' lasting Infamy.
Consciousness is as Consciousness does, sayeth the Prophet Forrest Gump, (as he fumbled with his chocolates at the bus stop "Godot" in the French Quarter of New Orleans).
Consciousness is absurdity, nostalgia, enological epiphanies, the stuff of ancient Athens, and the pointy point of Spartan city-state foreign policy.
It is Arab science. It is Alchemy. It is St. Francis of Assisi. It is Anne Frank. It is Spartacus. It is Albert Einstein. It is Nikola Tesla. It is Michelangelo. It is Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Alexander the Great. It is your Perception which the Universe is compelled to convert into Reality. It is your Free Will that says "Makes it so!", (with apologies to Captain Picard, of course). Most importantly, nowadays, it is Gaia.

The Big "C", (Consciousness, or "Sentience"), is science discovering the Mystery that, somehow, inexplicably and immeasurably, (even inconceivably), that there is, (by inference and deduction, and the synthesis thereof), an Original Source of Inconceivably Puissant Energy which must, (by exclusionary conceptionality), pre- and post-exist the putative Big Bang, (even to point to of an inexhaustible number of parallel universes with innumerable dimensional convolutions wrapped infinitely more tightly than a spring blossom of Chrysanthemum). Consciousness asks of the FAQ: That which came into existence proceeded from a state of Non-existence? What compromised, then, this state of Non-existence? Was it Consciousness, or an abysmal lack thereof? How can we discern, then, the difference between a lack and of a countervalent "Presence of Consciousness", unless we define such a perceptibility with a conceptual Name: Consciousness, perhaps?
Consciousness simply IS because it is aware of Itself. Self-definition? Sure, maybe, I think so: it depends on how you look at it. OH! You're LOOKING! Do you feel Self-Conscious, then? I thought so. So do I. So sorry.
This is like having a particularly explosive "trouser cough" in church, then, isn't it? Oh, bother!
Science and Religion?
Science just does it without all the editorializing, marketing, and psychological conditioning of "Religion", (plus actually requires a peer-reviewed Diploma and continuing education, aside from periodic publications of one's acumen and contribution to the craft/art/discipline, no?) Of course, prostitution comes right in when one is pimping for funding: "How could I possibly skew the results and risk my reputation? This is pure research!"
[As said purist feels for his tickets to Brazil and the smooth ReichsBank Schweiz passbook in his inside pocket....]
Three guys were in an airplane, right? O.K. So, it's a budget flight, and none of the passengers has actually seen the pilot, or co-pilot, not to mention there's no goddam stewardii and no open bar. The starboard engine starts sparking flame and thick, black smoke. The guys find the bottle of rum in the back by the parachutes and coffee. Their Consciousness first gravitates to the rum.
After a while, (since they really hadn't talked at all with their knuckles white on their arm rests most of the time), they start chatting nervously.
The first guy, all dressed up in an Hawaiian Shirt and black cargo shorts, says "I'm a Comparative Relgion
Chair at Ivory University. I usually drink dry sherry, but this black strap rum is Great!"
The second guy, dressed in organic hemp fiber Explorer garb, says, "I usually drink Aquavit in Bern, but this numbs my nerves quite efficiently!"
The third guy says, "I believe I'll put on a parachute!"
What is Consciousness? The ability to perceive any situation at a glance and take appropriate action!
That holds up whether one is being born, is born, or is about to be reborn from whence they were borne.
Consciousness simply, and impley, IS.
"Cogito Ergo Zoom: (which follows):
Cogito Ergo Zoom
(c)T.G. Hadley 2006

i think, therefore I am,
i believe...
for I see multi-faceted
in ponderable
Byzantine syllogism-puzzleboxes
patinaed in absurdity's
slick-shiny shellac
oh, eye see that which
I b'leive, "eye-think",
perception is Reality
(convoluted volition
is my condition), we get
that which we seize...
timing, altitude, attitude
in measured degree
meshed in synchronicity
give luminosity to
poetical perihelia of
you may/not so see
my halo is slipping
whilst I play a' la Gemini:
I am Amy G'dala and Sara Bellum
dressed as Cowboy/Indian,
kicking sand until
my brain-playbox is emptied
and 'tis past time
for milk 'n' cookies
an' a nap
tittering girly-giggles
give way to sea-deep guffaws
each delightful discovery herein
is arresting, giving one Pause
to re-ponder inklings previously
unthinkable, now plausible...
ever-yet evanescent:
i am a bubble of celestial champagne
tickling God's nostrils....
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