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Bonfire Night, Sky Brighter.

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Posted 11/05/08 - 1:44 PM:
Subject: Bonfire Night, Sky Brighter.
Bonfire Night, Sky Brighter.

The radio said it was Bonfire night,
The radio said unexpected things,
A black man in White House,
More than bangs and lights in the sky.

In the daylight,
Ideology had gone up in flames,
The sky is open as it always had been,
We are starting to look beyond names.

Beyond slogans and easily tagged,
The real, meandering reality that calls,
That forgets, that beytrays, that brings home,
We can dislodge the walls.

(Bonfire Night -tonight- is a ceremony marked by large fires and fireworks and gatherings of people to comemorate the foiling of a plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament by a group of 'terrorists' who were pro monarchy many years ago in England if any of you didn't know.....)


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Posted 11/05/08 - 1:49 PM:

nice clap
child of the stars

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Posted 11/05/08 - 2:38 PM:

Remember, remember the fifth of november.

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