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Posted 09/26/08 - 4:59 PM:
Subject: Mick, MIck Wos Thick.
There was a full moon that night (a tale from the East End gangs)

Mick was thick. Mick didn't ever do what the guvner wanted. The Guvner was never questioned and all the fuckers knew all about that. Mick knew but Mick was thick. Mick knew the guvners woman and ee'd always been sort of nice to 'er but that didn't make no difference when the shit went down. No way did it; no fucking way. Cos, Mick, you see, Mick was thick. It wos like ee wos born yesterday, know whatimean?

It was the Borstal boys that done it; they'd told the guvner all about Mick. Mick ad been down the local like shooting 'is fuckin' mouth off like no tommorow. Eed ad a few for sure but noone goes down the Queen Mary (where all the guvners boys ang out) and talks like Mick did. So Mick's goin on about the Mercs and Jags that we ad appened to acquire recently through various sources (know what I mean ?) and ees goin' on about ow's they were no good and bleedin' too old to get any decent return like. Only Mick would do that. Mick, ees so fucking thick Mick.

Anyhow; old Mick's got 'is eyes on this bird named Nora oos nothin' much really but a luvely pair on 'er if I don't say so meself (and I ad er once ow about you mate you ever ad Nora?). Someow despite Mick's limited luck wiv the girls ee manages to get er out the door and down to the canal where ee often likes young ladies of the easily persuaded sort to accompany 'im (know what I mean?). Anyow, there they are on is favourite bench and the guvners boys ave the perfec opportunity to show Mick in what i regards the guvner olds the little bastard. The bird starts screamin' and gets a bar in the face and she soon shuts the fuck up; thick Mick tries to scarper but they've got meat cleavers and a stun gun and he's soon rendered armless (and this is no spelling mistake for once).

EE wos legless too (and this is no bleeding spelling mistake too) and it's bleeding hard to swim in the bleeding canal when you are both legless and armless too. Well needless to say thick Mick must ave realised that talking about the guvner's acquiring luxury cars and deriding this achievement in 'is local is not the best policy if you wanna continue living. Needless to say it were a little late for the call of conscience.

Well it were a full moon that night and the way it played on the water as I erd those tormented cries struck me (with me stoney world weary 'eart) as rather beautiful. That is why I was drawn to share the event of that night with you also. Maybe too there is a moral to this tale; don't shoot your mouth off in the guvner's local about the givner's fucking business.
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Posted 10/04/08 - 3:07 AM:

Did everyone get with Nora? Cuz I feel like I'm missing out. :o laughing

Well done Nexus ! clap
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