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Posted 08/03/08 - 1:30 PM:
Subject: Man On Wire

Go to the link.

This movie has been getting a lot of good reviews in the UK and so I went along to see it at my local 'alternative' movie house the other day. It follows the trend of movies such as 'Supersize Me' and 'Fahrenheit 911' where documentaries have started to be seen to be almost as good mainstream entertainment as Hollywood blockbusters.

It follows the exploits of a French high-wire artist Philippe Petit who not content to string wires over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Notrodame Cathedral decides to do the same between the -then- recently built Twin Towers in New York. The movie gradually builds momentum using real footage shot of the young Philippe with friends preparing for the stunts and interviews with friends and co-conspiritors. There is also dramatic footage that helps to conjure what actually occured on the night before his incredible feat showing their penetration and evasion of security in the towers themselves. There is no narration, only the voices of those involved including the spritely and irrepressible Philippe himself.

I was gripped most of the time but the real reward comes when we finally hear everybody's reaction to the successful completion of the forty five minute walk and the public reaction afterwards. This was truly a work of art in the purest sense and for anyone who is of the opinion it was merely a stunt pulled by foolish attention seekers one need only listen to one of the hardened NYPD cops who stood and watched as that mad Frenchman went through his final moves. He said something like.

'I just stood their watching this guy. He was dancing out there; I knew I was watching something amazing, something I would never see again, I couldn't believe it.'

Oddly, it was as this most 'normal' of men spoke I felt the tears begin to well. Art, of a very special kind, reaching those people that are named 'the masses'.

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Posted 08/05/08 - 2:31 PM:

i just saw the "coming soon" poster for this today at a theater a few blocks from my place. i'll keep an eye out for it, thanks for the review. cheers smiling facelib
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