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Posted 07/17/08 - 4:11 AM:
Subject: The Big Empty Blau Blume
The closest star beyond our solar system is Proxima Centauri at a distance of 4.2 light years (the amount of time it would take traveling at the speed of light).

This is 25276137357830.27 Miles (or 25.3 trillion).

We've heard before that in theory man will never be able to travel at the fastest known speed (it requires zero rest mass or infinite mass according to one of Eienstein's velocity formulas). Given the distances of space even the speed of light is relatively snail slow.

Leaving Earth for new worlds besides other planets in our own solar system is therefore out of the question.

The voyager 1 space probe covers about 320,000,000 miles per year and is just leaving the solar system. It would take 78,125 years at this velocity to reach the closest star. (Far less than 1% of velocity of light?).

So you aren't going anywhere except in the inner space (everything in the world is meaningless without a personal affinity for place, say your home or self or the thing that needs to be rather than not).

The magnitudes of the cosmos make man seem insignificant. Sometimes I look up at the stars and am overwhelmed by the absurdity of it all. Every act is nothing by comparison (just a bubble or a spark), and any act seems worthy to carry into this human media. Everything is justified and at the same time absurd.

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