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Posted 06/24/08 - 3:55 AM:
Subject: From Notebooks...
I wrote a lot of poetry between twenty-five and thirty and the notebooks have started to piss me off. I started rereading and found a lot of crap but some stuff I decided reflects a voice. The twenties is a fertile time and my 'method' was to catch my preoccupations in verse without all that 'waiting' and agonizing they say you should do. To me it sometimes worked, and here are a few results.

Conventional Mentality.

A conventional mentality
In my family,
I'd get no news,
There were no real views.

It was really bad
In the end,
I've decided,
I'd decided.

To the outside world,
That which meant so little in this world,
All was well of course,
All was well.

The conventional mentality,
Which makes out the world in a queer way,
Views lovers without feeling,
Leaves its lost sons reeling.

Going Against The Grain.

Hardest thing,
To go against the grain,
Of your bringing-up,
Your having been brought-up.

Mostly forgotten in
The sad and lonely world,
That immensely important holy of holies,
The child in us, the touched and

Put-together thing.
That many choose to ignore mostly,
All past history,
(Yes, yes it is..)

To dare and hope,
To go against the grain,
Fuck'em, fuck'em, fuck'em,
Got my life to live.

Yet still you carry the heavy goods of it all,
Put-together again, severed but still joined,
Despite years and illusions shed,
It's still you and your life now getting out of bed.

Going against the grain.

Self's Heart.

Self's heart made of
So many things, in
Memories that don't always offer
Polished fragments.

A kind memory or a giving
In the self's heart, possible, but
As well an unforgiving
Mark that must be

In the desperate heart of living,
Hard because often it hasn't
A choice; hid in the heart
Of things.

Soft ways, loving ways,
Hard to make,
The play away at old stuff,
Particles of past,

Not always pretty but
A head that must make out
A way for the heart to swarm and live,
Fathom from broken things some ability to give.

True Workings.

True workings,
Heart searchings,
Secret yearnings,
Could there be

Truer workings?
Life has a way of secretly, silently,
Ruthlessly and systematically,
Pulling apart your dreams.

If we care for true workings,
Heart searchings,
Secret yearnings,

If we are not afraid of Time,
And her hoard of monsters, (to come and already gone)
Her penetrating wind always blowing,
We work on the true path laid by our heart.


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Posted 06/24/08 - 3:47 PM:

self's heart is my favorite. i like the flow of it.
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