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Composition Co-op #1: The Raven's Feather

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Posted 05/20/08 - 4:03 PM:
Subject: Composition Co-op #1: The Raven's Feather
Composition Co-op #1: The Raven's Feather

Chapter 1: Johnny Kickinghorse

Setting: Outskirts of a large modern city, industrial area.


Johnny Kickinghorse smiled to himself. Light rain splattered about the rocks and steel of the railway. His boots made a rythmic runch-runch sound as he walked along the jagged, loose gravel around the tracks. He thought about soda crackers. He used to eat them everyday as a kid. Dry, stale, soda crackers.

'Fuckin soda crackers'

he muttered, smirking.

He rubbed the back of his head with his finger nails. The falling rain gently clung to his large winter coat. It was well into spring, but Johnny's look remained the same: winter coat, thick-soled worn down black boots, black and red striped track pants. His pants were tear aways, but Johhny never had an occassion to tear them away. He certainly never ran or long jumped or biked (for exercise). He wasn't too interested in sports, even though he had played some lacross when we was younger. As a big kid he was able to rough up the competition. He was both feared and jeared by smaller, quicker kids.

Johnny stopped at a road crossing to let a car go past. He reached in his pocket and pulled out his pack of cigarettes. Flipping open the top he scowled at the two remaining smokes in the pack. He pulled one out and lit it with a match, cupping his hands close to the flame against the wind. After two puffs to get it burning straight, he continued along the tracks kicking at the loose stones and rail ties.

Now I'm a hafta get more smokes...shit...

He passed under thick power lines strung beside the tracks. A row of crows lined up eight abreast to caw and jaw at him. He motioned at the birds with his arms as if to take aim. With a high pitched shooting sound he mimicked plugging each bird on the wire. Suddenly longing for his B-B gun, he picked up a small stone and hurtled it at the murder. The black birds scrambled into the air and regrouped in a large cluster of trees on the other side of the tracks.

'Huhn', Johnny laughed to himself.


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Posted 06/23/08 - 8:20 PM:

Composition Co-op #1: The Raven's Feather

Chapter 2: Diabla Reyes

It wasn't for her mother, who had left her infant child lying in a gutter twenty-three years ago for her foster mother to find and adopt. No, it wasn't for her that Diabla prayed at night. And it wasn't for her ex-boyfriend Johnny, the car thief, that she prayed. There was only one soul in this world who deserved the kindness of her prayers, and Diabla had vowed never to reveal his name. This, however, was a vow she would soon break.

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