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Posted 05/19/08 - 7:16 PM:
Subject: newsletter update
hi all!

just a quick reminder that the deadline is approaching for our summer newsletter (deadline may 31) - if anyone has a contribution please get in touch with me, thanks! suggested theme for this issue is shakespeare's "the tempest" (see details below).


Midnight_Monk wrote:

Greetings all,

I will be heading the editing and production of the Coffee Table summer 2008 issue.

I am proposing the following theme:

Shakespeare's The Tempest.

If possible, submit a piece that reflects a theme found within or related to the themes of the Tempest.

For those not familiar with this work, here are some highlights:

    A distant island
    A shipwreck
    Betrayal (of brothers to brothers, Dukes to Kings)
    Magic--magical books, incantations, familiar spirits, sprites, faeries, strange voices on the air, heavenly music, dark magic
    Young love--a virgin woman who has seen no man but her father, a young prince thought dead at sea
    chaos, calamity
    revenge, retribution for past wrongs
    playful jest
    monsters--the spiteful 'moon calf' Caliban

Submissions on any of these or related themes would be excellent. We can weave a new 'tempest' in the teapot on the Coffee Table, for summer 2008.



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Posted 05/20/08 - 11:04 AM:

The Tempest offers us a great range of dramatic license. In it we find the eternal hope of true romance, the grotesque, redemption and restitution. It can play dark--a world haunted by spirits and ghosts, or light, as faeries and nymphs. The trechery and intrigue can come off as sinister or as bumbling.

Feel free to take any of these themes and run with em.


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Posted 08/05/08 - 5:10 PM:


The Coffee Table, The Tempest, Summer 2008

Stay Tuned true believers!!!!!

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