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Posted 04/27/08 - 12:31 PM:
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I carry my heart upon my lips. I'm placing the very essence of my soul in th eplace that I call home. As my ring shines hope, my diamond shines greed. My nails show my habits and my eyes show worry, but in this final hour of grace, I commend my flaws and hope only that the grace I've been seeing is not a illusion. And with the playful fingers we all have, I'll ponder on what every smile's significance is. What is a smile but a expression of the soul? Is that how we see it? And even as the stream of my mind tumbles and rides across many rocks and hills, I know the water is clear, and my only concern is that one day the heart thats been floating upon the waters will sink and be losst in all the piles of rocks and rubble; but it would take a great feat to do so. So strengthen me up, build me a raft and let this little heart not be shuddered and not be troubled. Let the minds' eye see only what is worth seeing. Let the peace I'be been imagining become real once again. Let the heart I have for my best friend not be disfigured or twisted. Let me grow slowly with his heart and let me come to find the purity of life in our song, and let it not get dirty. Let what cleanliness I have grow, as well as his. Let us grow in the heart of God, not in man, for it wouldn't do much good to grow in man. Let me be one to cry out and be desperate, let me be one who is vulnerable and humble. Let what I desire be great and grand in purity. Let me be not whawt I want to be, but what is good for me. Let the crevaces of my sneakiest ways be found and shown upon my veil. Let my heart only sing the song of joy in my happy moments, and the song of despair in my sad moments. Let me be true to who I am and nothing else. And finally, let me be one to witness what I call love. Let beauty expound through mine eyes and let the very heart of God be the one thing people see in me, let one thing I see in people is the heart of it as well. And let the discernment I see so often be dispersed in my body. Let me be wise in what I say, do, think, or in how I think. And when I'm at fault, let me remember the greatness of forgiveness, as well as the satisfaction it gives to each heart. Let me bring endless words to the table, but words to only be filled with humbleness and a heart cry, let every phrase I write have a purpose. Let every syllable be like a stag, running so fast and swift in beauty that it dissolves to light, its liquid filling up the cup of the deepest part of the heart and let it squeeze into it, eventually reaching the mind's eye, infecting the brain waves with a golden pavement for good-living and healthy discernment for what is good and what is not. Let this purity be preserved...


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Posted 04/27/08 - 3:42 PM:

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